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you are looking, unfortunately, at the latest images from a country in ruins. the international red cross now estimates that 45,000 to 50,000 people were killed by tuesday's devastating earthquake in haiti. the streets are littered with bodies, debris, collapsed homes. millions of people are displaced, living in the streets with nowhere to go. clean water and food are very scarce and aid is beginning to come in from more than 30 countries, but of course, the challenge is getting it to the people who desperately need. we are back with more of "today" on this friday morning. it's the 15th day of january 2010. inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer along with al roker, who's just
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made his way back from haiti overnight. natalie morales joins us, as does jenna wolfe. ann is still in haiti. we're going to check in with her from the capital of port-au-prince in just a moment. first, though, here is the very latest. the "uss s carl vinson" has now arrived off the haiti coast, carrying supplies and rescue teams from the u.s. are also on the ground. survivors have been pulled from the rubble of collapsed buildings overnight, but time is of the essence. according to the state department, a shipment of food is expected tomorrow, this as looting and security are becoming major concerns for the military. >> but we want to check back in with ann for more of what's happening now down in haiti. hey, ann, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, natalie. in fact, what you and matt were just talking about is all part of the new u.s. military footprint here on the ground in haiti. though there have been c-130s that have been seeking out civilians and have been very effective overnight, the truth
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is, with the "carl vinson" offshore, and as you can see behind me, those are navy choppers over the tents that accompany the "carl vinson" -- they are the first wave of aircraft that will be coming now in larger numbers from the "uss carl vinson" now that it is here offshore. we heard from lieutenant general ken keen this morning that this is the beginning of a tremendous u.s. military effort, that as he put it, will be lasting for a very long time. the first wave of the 82nd airborne is also here on the ground. search and rescue is priority one. medical supplies and getting them to the people is also a major priority here. there is also major news from the u.s. embassy today. a spokesman there told us that more than 300 civilian search-and-rescue teams -- those are from miami-dade county from los angeles and also from fairfax, virginia -- that they have been digging out people alive. so, they have been successful in their efforts. we also know, however, that they
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found, this 300-member team has found seven to eight americans who were under the rubble as of late last night in the hotel montana, and they had communications with them. they knew that they were alive, but as of late last night, they had not yet gotten them out alive. the u.s. embassy, by the way, has made contact with about 1,000 americans. as matt just mentioned, there were some 40,000 to 45,000 americans believed to be living in haiti. so, it's just a fraction of the number of americans here. we do know that one american is confirmed to have died, but we believe that there are many more, and that american is a career diplomat. her name is victoria delong. she's the culture affairs officer at the u.s. embassy. she was killed when her home collapsed. as matt just mentioned, the international red cross is now estimating between 45,000 and 50,000 people may have died. that's got to be a guesstimate. it is very hard. the numbers on the ground are very rough. haiti's president has told us that some 7,000 people have been buried in a mass grave. there are hundreds of corpses
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lining the streets and also in the city morgue which is now filled to capacity. in fact, they're running out of space at grave sites, and when people die, even grave diggers are not at their jobs, and so family themselves have got to go out with pitch forks and bury their dead themselves, sometimes in between other graves, in the space between them, because there isn't any room. the usual window for getting people out alive, barring a miracle, which is always possible, is 72 hours. and as you know, this quake struck at 4:53 p.m. on tuesday, so time is now quickly running out. so, that is the story as of today. it's really about the ticking of that clock and about the huge imprint that has now arrived here from the u.s. military, with, of course, americans arriving ever since. but now the u.s. military in a major way augmenting what they've already been doing over recent days is really the big story of today, natalie and matt. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. we appreciate that. i think the headline there is that these search-and-rescue teams are still finding people
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alive, and so, the work continues. you just got back, as i said, late overnight. and what stood out for you? >> well, you know, just the immensity of it. just that, it's like, where do they even begin? and the u.s. military is really taking a lead role in that. but you know, people who have lost, can't find their loved ones, their family members. and i ran into a couple that had just arrived at the airport. they were able to get a flight from a friend who had chartered a plane in. they had come to new york for a four-day weekend and left their 3-year-old son with the woman's sister. she's haitian. and they came here, they don't know what happened. the nanny and the baby -- everybody else was at work -- they haven't heard. take a look. we videotaped this when they came in. >> they fight to get in for the most precious of reasons. >> at the time of the earthquake, i don't know what happened. the house collapsed and we have
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no news of him. >> it's my boy. that's the only boy i have. >> we wish you the best. and you know, they were there passing out these fliers of their son. i've tried to call to see if they had any luck. we can't get through on phones, obviously, the phone system is down, but it's just, it's heartbreaking. >> that's the way they have to communicate these days. that's really their own option. al, thank you very much. >> pray for them. we pray for them. >> appreciate it. you've got a check of the other headlines of the morning. >> that's right. in the news this morning, americans have already donated more than $35 million to the haiti relief effort. and earlier on "today," former president bill clinton, the u.s. special envoy to haiti, told matt even more is needed because the need is so great. >> we're still finding people alive. we've got 21 more search-and-rescue teams coming in today, but they don't have enough water, they don't have enough food, they don't have enough medical supplies. we've still got to find shelter for all those people that have no place to go at night. and that's the way to make it safer.
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>> and former president clinton's now heading up private fund-raising efforts for haiti along with former president george w. bush. democrats say there is movement toward a final deal on health care reform. president obama met with congressional democrats until about 1:00 in the morning, making what the administration says was solid progress. the president says backers of health care reform are on the doorstep of success. as many as eight army officers could be disciplined in the wake of a pentagon report on the november shootings at ft. hood, texas. officials said the report criticizes the officers for failing to act on warning signs about the accused shooter, army psychiatrist major nidal hasan. today, passengers and crew from us airways flight 1549 are in new york to mark the first anniversary of the miracle landing on the hudson after their plane hit a flock of birds. hard to believe it's been a year already. and a rare solar eclipse today during which most, but not all of the sun is blocked, leaving a blazing ring of light visible in parts of asia and africa. it lasted more than 11 minutes.
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there won't be another one that long for more than 1,000 years. the world's tallest man met the world's shortest on thursday at a guinness world records exhibit in new jersey. i think you can call that a total eclipse. the tallest about 8'1", the shortest 2'5". wow. unbelievable to see that juxtaposition. you're up to date right now, now eight minutes past the hour. matt, jenna and al. >> all right, natalie, thank you very much. you've got a check of the weather for us. i do. and i also know, jenna, you're kind of upset about this. >> yeah. >> you lived in haiti. >> i grew up there, yeah. i spent 12, 13 years down there. it's tough, because the infrastructure of the country politically and emotionally was already so fragile. and then to see this on top of it is absolutely unimaginable. so, it's so hard just to see the pictures, and it's emotional from this vantage point. i can only imagine what it was like to actually have been down there. >> and you, too, have friends you have not heard from. >> i do, i have not heard from yet. it's a big wait-and-see for
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everybody waiting to hear from people down there. it's tough. >> let's take a look, see what's happening. again, the good news is, at least if there can be some good news down there, is that the weather's cooperating with the search and rescue. mostly sunny, hot, but the good news is the humidity levels are low. we are looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms through texas today. look for over the next 24 hours, we're talking about anywhere from five to seven inches of rain in southern texas. and in the pacific northwest, big storm coming onshore there, mountain snows, but the big news will be the rain. over the next 24 hours, look for anywhere from one to four inches of rain, some a >> good morning. it looks like it is going to be another nice day today. a mixture of sunshine and clouds as we head into the afternoon. it will be warmer than yesterday. high temperatures in the
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and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. as rescuers work against time to save as many lives as possible in haiti, there are some amazing stories of survival this morning. one of those survivors, 25-year-old american christa brelsford, who was one of the first people rescued. unfortunately, doctors had to amputate part of her leg, and earlier this morning, i asked her about the moments when the quake struck and if she knew what happened to her legs. >> yeah, i thought that they were just crushed. i thought i was wiggling all of my toes. obviously, i wasn't, but i thought -- i couldn't see them. >> i understand when your brother and others managed to free your legs, you realized the full extent of your injuries. that must have been an extraordinarily sobering moment for you.
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>> i was so focused on not panicking and staying alive and figuring out what needed to be done to get myself out of there that i didn't worry about it right then. i just said i'm going to worry about it later. i told julian to put on a tourniquet and work on getting my second leg free. and i was doing my best to stay calm. >> christa, then this trip. i mean, you get extricated from this building. they kind of put you on a moped, and from what i read, someone was cradling you as this moped went through the streets. can you describe that trip to get to medical attention? >> yeah. one of our friends, the owner of the motorcycle, is driving. and then our other friend, wenson, was holding me in his arms like an infant. my leg was still flapping around. and we drove about three kilometers in the dark on pothole-rutted dirt roads with buildings collapsed all around, haitians still screaming out for help to try to get out of the
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buildings, walking down the road very badly injured, as we drove to the sri lankan military, their peacekeeping mission for the u.n. where i was one of the earlier survivors to get there and got some rudimentary medical care. i got the best they could give, which was a splint made out of a fence post and they bandaged up my leg and put some disinfectanted on it and gave me cookies and cough drops. >> when you finally were told by proper doctors that they would not be able to save your leg, i mean, how do you respond to that? >> i didn't expect my leg to be saved really ever. i watched over the course of 24 hours as it went from looking like a normal foot to swelling and turning colors and turning cold, which was the scariest part, but i didn't expect it to be saved, and i'm not worried about it. i'm so thankful to be alive that
9:13 am
i'm not worried about a foot. >> i look at your smile, and christa, i watched you in the hospital yesterday speaking to some reporters and i saw that smile again, and i got choked up watching you because you clearly have your priorities straight, and you have already at such an early time managed to put this all into perspective, haven't you? >> thank you. >> you know, you're remarkable. i mean, it's -- the fact that this -- you see this as kind of an appendage and not how you'll be defined, don't you? >> yeah. i'll still get to live my life. there are a lot of people in haiti who won't. and now that i have the best medical care i can get, i'm thankful for that and i hope that we do the best that we can to get medical care to haiti where there are still many, many people who need as much care as i need and more.
9:14 am
>> and as i say good-bye to you, i just want to stress again, because i think this is so important to the story, that you were in haiti for all the right reasons. you were there trying to help people learn to read. you were there with an adult literacy program. and i know you have strong, strong feelings for the people there. and christa, you're awfully impressive and i appreciate you spending some time with us this morning. >> thank you. >> wow. >> such a remarkable young lady. only 25 years old. >> 25 years old. two days away from this happening to her and to have that presence of mind. >> oh, my goodness, and that smile. >> somebody like that, she's just -- everywhere i went in talking with survivors, they were all people who were members of church groups, of missionary groups, of literary groups, literacy groups, economic groups trying to get haiti back on its feet. so many people are invested -- >> it's going to take a while -- >> we talk about 40,000, 45,000 americans there. they weren't there lying on the beach. >> no. >> they were there to help the people of the impoverished
9:15 am
country. >> but it goes to show how much they needed help before this happened, so now you get an idea of how much help they need after this. >> we hope that going forward it continues to bring those kinds of people to the country to help out, because they're going to need that help. >> well, judging from the help and numbers they're receiving, it looks like, hopefully, they've got a nice head start. >> we are going to be back with much more of "today" on a friday morning right after this. ♪ millions of people who suffer from frequent heartburn... can enjoy mealtime with family and friendnds. ♪ because now, for the first time, walgreens offers a new treatment option. prevacid 24 hour. the number one-prescribed acid reducer brand... over the last decade is available over the counter... to treat frequent heartburn a full 24 hours. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. ♪ and now winter skin can be too. discover relief from dry, uncomfortable skin... with skin relief moisturizing lotion.
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this morning on "today's health," 20 ways to get healthier for free. if your new years resolution includes improving your physical and mental state, follow a few strategies. dr. raj is "today's" editor and with "health" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> there are a lot of ways to stay healthy for free, as it turns out, first starting off with exercise. what are good ways to make sure you're getting exercise but not spending a lot? >> going to your local library and checking out free fitness dvds is a great way to stay fit. and you can switch it up every month so you're motivated. >> not getti bored. >> right.
9:19 am
and it's the cold time of year, stay inside with a good dvd. >> and there are websites with good opportunities, if you're thinking about skiing. >> yeah, and cross-country skiing specifically is a great form of aerobic exercise. you don't even really need to be in a mountainous area. and has tips. >> and yoga, too, right? >> yoga is great for your physical and mental health. it's great way to destress. if you go to, they're streaming a free one-hour yoga class. you can get your computer ready and do it right in front of it. also, there's a yoga day on january 23rd. if you go to, they're going to tell you where around the country you can get a free yoga class. >> okay, so, no excuses. >> right. >> another thing you say is important is to -- in keeping healthy -- is to research your family background, and there is a place that you can actually go and find and keep your family history organized, right? >> right, exactly. so, if you go to this website, it's run by the government, actually. it's
9:20 am
you can find a tool that will help you ask your relatives about what medical problems they have. this is so important. a lot of families don't like to talk about the medical issues they've had, but you really need to know that yourself when go to the doctor so they can guide you about appropriate screening. >> skin care is next, and i know the skin care foundation has a new slogan -- if you can spot it, you can stop it. so, what are they now offering to help fight skin cancer? >> you know, skin screening is a really important asset in preventing skin cancer. this is one of the cancers that's on the rise, you know. melanoma, which is a deadly form of skin cancer, and you can't really do it yourself. it's good to check yourself, but you need someone else, a professional to check the backs of your legs, the back of your neck. if you go to, they'll tell you where from april through september around the country there will be free skin cancer screenings by a dermatologist. >> always good to get that screening in. now, home health. important not to forget. we always think about our own health, but also our home will contribute a lot to our health. >> absolutely. radon is an odorless gas, colorless. you don't know if it's around,
9:21 am
but it's actually the leading cause of nonsmoking-related lung cancer. so, there are tests to detect how much radon is in your house, and you can get a free kit online to detect that. it's very important to test that in your house. smoke alarms is another thing where a lot of us have them but we haven't checked them in years. you have to make sure the batteries are working. >> yes. >> but also, a lot of local fire departments will come check it for you for free to make sure it's functioning properly. >> okay. now, also some free advice on kicking the smoking habit. where can you find that? >> absolutely. kicking the smoking habit can be very difficult for some people, and you know, there are medications which can be expensive, but you can actually get a counselor online to help you, coach you through this kicking the habit, so you can check online for that as well. >> okay. and then finally, a lot of places that you can find free samples or get skin care products and all that. >> yeah. >> where should people go? >> that gives you money back when you spend money at or bath and body works. so, you can always look for the free coupons. you always end up saving money
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cosmetics. plus, some skinny recipes that don't taste like it and take 20 minutes or less. >> and much more, but first, your local news and weather. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand.
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light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. some of our top stories this morning. baltimore city firefighters were injured while fighting an early- morning blaze and east baltimore. crews responded to a row home on north east avenue shortly after 6:00 this morning to the home was occupied at the top of the -- the time the fire but everyone inside managed to get out safely. residents and the guilford neighborhood are breathing easier after the rest of the suspect and the brazen daylight abduction and robbery of a man. the 23-year-old victim was forced into the trunk of his own car at gunpoint and made to give up his bank card and in number.
9:27 am
police are looking for a possible accomplice in connection with the abduction and robbery. purple friday pay off day, and ravens cheerleaders and others will be out in a caravan motivating fans and players for the game against the coldspring show your spirit and support today bite wearing purple. >> it is going to be a nice day today. we keep that for the most part through the beginning of the weekend. that will change by the time we get to sunday. clouds will roll through this afternoon but average high temperature this time of year is 41. even warmer than yesterday. " front should come through dry, and one of the temperatures back just a little bit on saturday. -- that will knock the temperature is back just a little bit on saturday. this time, there will be arraigned for us.
9:28 am
rain, and a cold one on sunday. the rate will last into early monday morning before it clears up in the afternoon. by the end the week, it gets colder. snow late wednesday and into thursday. high temperatures at that time will be in the mid-thirties. enjoy the next couple of days, because the tail end of the weekend is not so nice. >> another update in 25 minutes.
9:29 am
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i don't spend a nickel if i could help it unless it profits my mileage account. >> what are you saving up for, hawaii, south of france? >> it's not like that. the miles are the goal. >> for those of us -- >> like you, al. >> that's just the way i look at it. george clooney's movie "up in the air" nominated for six golden globes, but we've also got the sci-fi "avatar," the gritty "hurt locker." we'll wrap up a whole look at the golden globes, all coming up monday on "today." i'm al roker along with natalie morales, jenna wolfe, lester holt, amy robach. we'll be out in los angeles for all the festivities, live on
9:31 am
nbc. you're doing the preshow. >> that's right, the red carpet show with billy bush. be sure to tune in at 7:00/8:00 central right here on nbc. also coming up in this half hour, a new year, a new you. if you have a favorite lip gloss or blush you've been using forever -- >> lester. >> i know. you'll be sad to hear this lester. >> i change mine every few months. >> sorry to break it to you, but you have to get rid of that. it's been in your cosmetic closet too long. >> he has a cosmetic closet. >> actually, it's a little drawer on my desk, but. >> we're also going to learn how to cook ourselves thin, which sounds great. how to make some healthy meals in 20 minutes or less that will help you lose those extra pounds. you won't have to sacrifice flavor in the process. nothing bad about that. >> and of course, it just so happens to you, jenna, lester and amy are here to tell us what's coming up on "weekend today." >> weekend team. >> we're here to take over. >> a coup. >> is that a problem? >> of course, we'll have the latest from haiti as more aid and recovery teams finally reach
9:32 am
the people who need it most. plus, seven women from six countries traveled more than 560 miles in just 38 days, all to get to the south pole. it's the journey of a lifetime. and we are going to meet the women who did it. all right. and then they call themselves childless by choice. happy, committed couples who have decided that they really just don't want children. we're going to talk to them about their choice when we see you this weekend on "today." i think -- wasn't there a study last year that said people who didn't have children were happier? that was a little depressing. >> i don't think that's true. >> not for me. >> they did say that, though. >> i know. >> they measured happiness. >> well, they're lying. >> i agree completely! >> they're asking the wrong people. all right, thank you, guys. >> certainly got lots more money. >> touche. >> isn't that the truth? >> okay, al, you've got a check of the weather? all right, let's check it out and we'll show you for your saturday, rain in the pacific northwest, heavy rain through the southeast, sunny in the northeast, mild through the southwest. then sunday, sunday, we're looking at more wet weather along the mid-atlantic coast, also down into the southeast.
9:33 am
we're looking at heavy rain in northern californi >> good morning. after a cool start, is going to be another mild day, with high temperatures climbing close to 50 degrees. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. there w and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks. coming up next, the new year is a good time to get rid of lester's old cosmetics. we'll tell you why it's important for your skin and his. t for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this?
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♪ this morning on "new year, new you," time to clean out your closet. we're talking about your cosmetics closet, though. did you know your favorite lip gloss, the one you wear every day, really only has a shelf life of about three months? and your mascara should be tossed every two months or so. so, what can you save and what needs to go? dermatologist debra wattenberg is here with advice for us. good morning, debra. >> good morning. >> i was thinking about this the other day, because you don't see expiration dates on cosmetics, right? >> yeah. you know, interestingly, the fda
9:38 am
does not require the cosmetic industry to put or stamp expiration dates on any of their products. and so, people will open a product and keep it forever. people mention that they keep them for ten years at a time, just because maybe they're going to use it at some time, and you just can't do that. >> it's a time to look through what you have and determine what's good and what's not good anyway. what does determine the shelf life of a product? >> so, the shelf life will be determined by the actual ingredients that's in the product, you know, what's in there. are there antioxidants in there, are there spfs in there? what preservatives are in that product as well. as well as the way it's actually packaged. so, the packaging is really important. if you buy a squeeze tube or a pump bottle, it may have a longer shelf life than something that's a jar and you have to remove the product from it. >> you mention spf. after an amount of time, they're no longer effective. >> most of the spf products are labeled and they have a shelf life of two years, but once it's in the cosmetic itself, there's no expiration date applied.
9:39 am
>> so your foundations, powders, all that stuff that has the spf, you have to go through them. hou can you make them last longer? >> there are ways to keep them better. for one, keep them in a cool, dry environment out of direct sunlight, and that's tough for most of us because we're leaving them in the bathroom on the shelf and the heat and humidity from the shower is a bad thing. make sure your products are sealed tight when you're done using them. if you don't close them, oxygen can get in and bacteria can grow more effectively and it's not a good thing for them. >> right. >> the other thing you can do with these products is make sure that your hands are clean when you're handling them, when you're dipping your fingers into your creams and lotions and potions. you want to make sure that everything's really clean, and that will help you to keep these products clean and not infected with bacteria and fungi and things like that. >> all right, yuck. so, let's break it down, moving to lip products first. lip gloss, as we heard, lasts only two to three months, is that right? >> lipsticks and lip glosses will last different amounts of time. lip glosses, especially the ones with the wasn't, where you're
9:40 am
opening and closing them and introducing oxygen into the product -- >> onto a moist surface. >> yes, you're introducing bacteria. two to three months and it's time to get rid of them. you can clean them off with a little alcohol, that might help it a little bit. as opposed to a lipstick, which in general will last around a year. >> you can usually tell when it starts to get that smell or it, you know, that little rancid smell. >> yeah. people will notice the rancid-type smell or the crayon-type smell. >> and texture. >> right, it doesn't slip on your lips as easily. lip pencils, you can resharpen over and over again and they'll last until they're gone. so just make sure you know what you're doing. >> mascara, every two to three months, get rid of it. >> because it's your eyes and eyes are sensitive to bacteria and viral infections, you want to be very careful, but mascara is the one thing you need to toss every two to three months. you cannot extend the shelf life. never put water into that product. it dilutes the preservative, it makes it more likely to cause an infection and it causes more problems. if you're using, let's say a
9:41 am
creamy eye shadow, also, a couple months and it's no good. versus the powder -- >> but the powder base can last longer, right? >> yes, up to a year. so those work really well. also, eyeliners are pencils. you can sharpen those. the problem is, if you get conjunctivitis, an eye infection, you need to get rid of everything. >> everything. how long does foundation last? >> it depends whether it's water or oil-based. some with the preservatives you can keep for a year, even 18 months depending on the consistency of the product, how well it mixes, but the water-based, six months and you're done. >> that's it. all right, meanwhile, we should mention, brushes, important to keep your brushes clean, right? >> so, your brushes -- and people never do this -- your brushes need to be washed every two to three months and make sure that they stay really clean. >> two to four weeks -- >> i'm sorry, every two to four weeks. your sponges, after a day or two, toss them. >> get rid of them. >> get rid of them. use disposable products. that tends to work better. >> dr. debra wattenberg, great
9:42 am
information. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. still to come, four guys who made it their mission to enjoy life while they still could, right after this. r) the sinus triple threat. (announcer) not just sinus headache... ahhhh! but pressure... and congestion. introducing new sudafed pe® triple action™. for more complete relief from the sinus triple threat. new sudafed pe® triple action™. more complete relief.
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chili's new mini tacos in five fresh flavors. like crispy shrimp, hand-battered, cooked until golden brown. and smoked chicken, topped with fresh ingredients just for you. part of our three courses, two people, $20 deal, where you can share an appetizer, choose two entrees, like our fall-off-the-bone tender baby back ribs or a new pulled pork sandwich, and share a dessert. for a limited time, only at chili's. here's a question for you, have you thought about the things you'd like to do before you die? in other words, do you have a so-called bucket list? if not, you may be inspired by the four young men who have made it their mission to fulfill theirs. >> in the summer of 2006, three friends and i decided to make a
9:46 am
list of everything we wanted most in life and hit the road to go after it. >> this is us putting it on the line and trying to do something. >> we don't know where we'll be next, but when we come to your hometown, you know we're going to ask, what do you want to do before you die? >> it's a great concept. ben and duncan, johnny penn and dave langwood star in the new mtv series "the buried life." good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> characters, i like to call you, characters. commercial break we had more fun. first of all, "the buried life," quldz you come up with the title? >> when we started four years ago, we all had pretty much the same feeling. johnny was in english class and was reading this poem -- >> way to go, johnny, stay in class. stay in school. >> we appreciate that. >> and it basically spoke to the way we were feeling, that we felt buried. we weren't doing the real things we wanted to do so, that's when we came up with the question what do you want to do before you die and made the list. >> and you have 100 items on this list, is that correct? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> is this a combination of what all four of you want to do?
9:47 am
how did you come up with just 100? >> we're all from the same hometown. duncan and i are brothers and dave and i used to break-dance together in high school. ben is from the neighborhood. and we just came together because we wanted to go out -- >> way to contribute, dave, by the way. he's the break-dancer. there's always one. >> we wanted to go after things that scared us or challenged us, so we wrote a list of the things basic big and small we wanted to do before we died. and for every one we accomplish, we help a stranger do what they want to do. >> give people an idea what kinds of things are on your list, big, small. give me an idea. >> well, it's anything from deliver a baby, which we went after this summer and did, to tell a joke on late-night television to things like pay off your parents' mortgage, you know, write a book. >> grow a mustache. >> it's the gamete of things. >> do all four of you have to do it or one of you to cross it off? >> depends on the list item. >> because you don't look like you've had facial hair ever. can you grow a mustache? >> no, that's the one i'm working on.
9:48 am
>> hardest. >> you have things like tell a judge "you want the truth. you can't handle the truth." that's a good one. now what you were talking about, johnny, for every one you cross off, you help someone off, what, cross something off their bucket list as well? >> yeah, yeah. >> that's really the core of the project. we started this because we wanted more out of life. and i think more often than not, the things we get the most satisfaction out of are not the things on our list, although they're fun. it's usually the times we get to help people. we walk up to people on the street and ask what do you want to do before you die? and some people think we're crazy. we met a guy in dallas that told us he wanted to reconnect with his son who he hadn't seen in 17 years. so we went online and helped him track down his son and they spent christmas together. >> dave, what does that do for you guys, that you're not only accomplishing something for yourselves, but you get to give back something every time around? >> i think when we cross things off for other people or help them cross it off their list, it's lasting. it's awesome crossing something off our list, but there's
9:49 am
something about meeting someone and enter their lives for the first time and are able to make a huge difference in theirs, it's amazing. >> you're not getting any money for this, right? >> no. >> not at all. >> how are you funding this sdwr have well, their uncle owned an rv and we talked him into letting us use it. >> not a nice rv. >> an old rv. >> and these guys worked in the oil field and we called companies in the phone book and said we have this project and we're making this film and everybody pitched in. that's what "the buried life" is all about, the community coming together and helping. we were so surprised that random strangers would e-mail us and they'd say, you know, we can help you guys get on the road, we can help you guys get in a hot air balloon. so, it seemed like the natural thing to do to help others. >> i must say that of everything on this list, there's one we both have in common -- well, kiss rachel mcadams. we've all done that. that's obvious. that still hasn't been crossed off yet. and host "saturday night live," that's on my bucket list as
9:50 am
well. >> really? >> yeah, i know. i haven't done that yet! that's crazy. ben, duncan, johnny, dave, thank you so much. all the best. did you cross anything off just by being here or no? >> meeting you. >> meeting me, number 101. it's called "the buried life" and premieres friday night at 10: 10:00. up next, healthy mea
9:51 am
9:52 am
when it comes to weight loss, nothing sounds better than having your cake and eating it too, and that's what laura dean says you can do. >> she did it and dropped a whole dress size. her new book is "cook yourself thin faster." lauren, good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> i know when you started the book, you were size 10 and then you were size 8 after trying all the recipes in the book. >> first i was a 12 and then i started cooking from the book and now i'm back to an 8. >> and it's not a diet recipe book, we should point out. it's more healthy eating. >> real food. >> real food.
9:53 am
it's a cookbook. just gave your favorite foods a healthy makeover. no dieting for me. >> but snacking's a big problem we all have. >> snacking's a problem and i have ideas there. five things you'll need to remember, because the book is to cook yourself thin and also snack yourself thin. >> right. >> so, you can do a low-calorie air-pop popcorn, three cups. these are all 100-calorie snacks. everybody has a snack attack. >> the edamame. >> you should have 300 calories of snacks a day. >> you can have the chocolate, hershey kisses. >> there is a chocolate volcano cake in the book. that's a snack, but you can have dessert. >> wouldn't you rather polish this off than that tiny little muffin that i can barely see over there? >> the tiny muffin is if it's 3:00 and you need that little bit of a touch. >> oh, okay. >> so that's tiny one, but we have big recipes and big desserts. >> you're making a chicken here. >> this is the main course. we have 75 recipes i developed, starting with taking your favorites, like usually a fried coconut chicken. you add salt and pepper to a pound of tenders. i already added the salt.
9:54 am
and you put them in. i know you said you wanted to work, but i'll let you do the next one. >> that's just something i say. >> she's like, i want to work, do it for me. >> now -- >> natalie, how did you hear that? >> coconut, unsweetened coconut, and corn flakes. >> okay. >> another good tip in the morning, you're trying to save some calories, don't skip your breakfast. that's a mistake. >> yeah, absolutely. >> you have to eat right. >> get your metabolism revved up, right? >> crunch them in, dip. >> we don't have a lot of time, so you bake this, right? how long do you bake? >> 425, 10 to 12 minutes. >> like this, it comes out like that and then you make a salsa with it. >> delicious salsa. and why would you just do your regular salsa? you have corn, red peppers. >> peppers, pineapples. >> pineapple. it's the winter. you want to eat light. >> it looks beautiful. >> you can tell it's the winter, our pipes are banging. >> pipes are banging. and you can serve this with a little lime juice and canola oil. if you want to cut your calories, skip the oil.
9:55 am
you really don't need that. add that on and there you go. >> what do you have back here? >> let me show you. these are the best part, i think, because you have -- oh. >> you've got a lot of us in here. >> basically, your favorites. you've got seven-layer dip. >> okay. >> you've got hickory sticks. >> but we don't have any more time. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. is a purple friday play of the day, and ravens cheerleaders and staff and the mascot rise in copper in the raven's caravan, motivating fans and players for the game against the colts. show your spirit and support by wearing purple.
9:56 am
you could join us tonight for a half-hour special on the ravens game at 7:30.
9:57 am
>> welcome back. it is going to be a nice day today. a mixture of sunshine and clouds expected as we go through the afternoon. temperatures will climb into the upper 40's and low 50s. it will feel very nice. it should be a little bit cooler, but still draw on saturday. a good chance for rain on sunday.
9:58 am
>> thank you for joining us. see you back here for 11 news at noon.
9:59 am
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